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Centro Universitario di Formazione in Europrogettazione segnala: offerta di stage a Venezia

Ca’ Foscari University is seeking talented, motivated and proactive interns to join the Research Area, specifically the International Research Office (profile no. 1) and the National Research Office (profile no. 2)

Target: master’s degree students (any area).

Location: Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.


Main responsibilitites: 

- to analyse and monitor funding opportunities for research activities at national, European and international levels (as such, fluency in Italian and English is key).

- To contribute to the drawing up of the contents of institutional website, Facebook page, “Cafoscaricerca” newsletter, printed materials in both Italian and English.

- To contribute to the review of project proposal, in both Italian and English.

- To verify the eligibility conditions and requirements for the proposed projects by ensuring the appropriate information and supporting documents are provided.

- To assist in organising informative and training events on funding opportunities.



- Bachelor’s Degree


Specific competences required: 

- European project design (profile no. 1): basic knowledge of European funding schemes and tools for research. Previous specific training or work experience in the field is an asset.

- National project design (profile no. 2): basic knowledge of funding schemes such as the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, as well as funding opportunities issued by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

- Social network: competent Facebook user as to contribute to the dissemination of contents of the page facebook/cafoscari.ricerca.

- Computer literacy (Windows, Ms Office – Word, Excel, Power Point – Internet).



- Fluency in Italian.

- Very good knowledge of (spoken and written) English is essential.

- Knowledge of other languages is an asset.


Transversal skills: 

- ability to identify and analyse issues/problems.

- Ability to prioritise activities and assignments.

- Team spirit and flexibility.

- Proactivity.

- Excellent communications skills (spoken and written).


How to apply:

interested candidates are invited to send their CV and motivation letter to ricerca.internazionale@unive.it (profile no.1) and ricerca.nazionale@unive.it (profile no.2) by the April 30th, 2020