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Centro Universitario di Formazione in Europrogettazione segnala: proposta di lavoro a Bruxelles

La proposta arrivata oggi viene direttamente dal CCRE CEMR, il Consiglio dei Comuni e delle Regioni d’Europa, con cui il nostro Centro ha una strettissima collaborazione. Anche per questo raccomandiamo ai nostri Allievi di prenderne visione.

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is the European umbrella organisation of local and regional government, representing over 50 national associations from 41 countries. Our EU-policy work consists in influencing the European legislative and policy-making process, to ensure that the interests of local and regional government, and of the citizens they represent, are fully taken into account. To complement our policy work, CEMR engages in projects that address relevant issues for the respective policy objectives. For further information about CEMR and our work, please visit our website at www.ccre.org.

Upon finalisation of the contractual issues with the Commission, we are looking for a Project Officer (full-time employment) for a project aimed to organise dialogues at local and regional levels on cohesion policy and its future in eight EU Member States until the end of October 2018.

He/she will deliver the following tasks:

  • guide the overall delivery of activities on Cohesion Policy;
  • daily support to CEMR project partners in seven EU Member States;
  • liaise with relevant representatives of EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, EU Presidency, and Committee of the Regions) and relevant EU stakeholder associations;
  • promote and disseminate: the project officer will be expected to implement the promotion strategy, preparation of relevant promotional materials and animation of a web-based platform to ensure a multiplying effect and sustainable impact of the project in collaboration with the Communication Officer;
  • report: the project officer will coordinate the reporting of each event and the final report;
  • organisation of two EU events, in Spain and Brussels;
  • project management, the Project Officer will represent CEMR at Steering committee meetings and other relevant events;
  • any other tasks as may be reasonably required.Qualifications and experience

Qualifications and experience:

  • 2-5 years experience in EU project management with a large number of partners;
  • good knowledge of cohesion policy and/or managing European Structural and Investment Funds;
  • good experience in organising events.

Skills and competences:

  • capacity to work on his/her own initiative;
  • good organisational and management skills, including strong event organisation skills;
  • good communication, drafting and networking skills;
  • very good language skills in English and German. French would be a strong asset;
  • capacity and interest to work in a multi-cultural and international environment;
  • capacity to travel for work.

How to apply:

In order to apply for this position, please send us, no later than 27 August 2017, the following documents (please make sure to draft one of the two documents in English and the other in French).

  • a cover letter (maximum two pages), in English or French, explaining why you are interested in this position, how you correspond to the skills and competences required, and if appointed, what would be your personal contribution to the position and team;
  • a curriculum vitae, in English or French, including employment history (with net salary), secondary/higher education, professional qualifications, any additional training or volunteer work and the contact details of two references.

Please send your application by email to application@ccre-cemr.org